What happens after submitting my application?

After you complete your application and it is approved a member of our team will be in contact within 48 business hours to discuss the details of getting your blood test and booking your first consultation. 

What program is used for the virtual consultation?

Before your consultation you will open the website called Doxy [link -] and enter the virtual waiting room. This is a secure and HIPAA compliant health teleconferencing system. There is no need to download any programs, just open the website and you are ready to begin the consult. It is best to use headphones with a computer, rather than a smartphone or tablet.

Can you be my primary care doctor?

No. Given the nature of virtual consulting all recommendations given are to be discussed with your local physician before implementing anything new to your health routine.

Can you prescribe my prescription refills?

No. Given the nature of virtual consulting prescription medication management is not offered. 

What happens after the first consultation?

After the first consultation you will be given a written Health Plan that reviews everything discussed during the call. You will then order your supplements and begin implementing the recommendations.

What follow-up options are available?

After your first consultation the best follow up options for you will be discussed and may include our Quarterly or Concierge Yearly consulting options.

Do you treat X, Y, or Z?

Although I see clients with a wide variety of health issues, the focus is on building health not only reversing disease. Therefore, the most important determinant of your success with this program is if you are willing to make the changes required to improve your health. 

I only work with people who are ready to make changes and that I know I can help. If I do not think that I can help I will refer you to someone or something that can. 

If you would like to know if this type of health consulting is a good fit for you, click here to start your application.


Where are the blood tests completed and what is the cost?

If you are located in the US you have 3 options: 

To use your health insurance, ask your local physician for testing 

Order online through Direct Labs ($699) [link -]

We will order discounted labs for you to any LabCorp location ($399) [link -]. 

*If you live in the states of NY, NJ, or RI the testing must be requested from your local physician. 

If you are located outside of the US, please visit a local lab or hospital to request your testing directly or view our list of recommended worldwide labs [link-]

What blood tests do you require for the first assessment?

After you book your first consultation you will receive an email with the full list of testing that we will order for you or that you will bring to the lab, as well as the links to complete your online health assessment and sign our client contract.

What other tests are available beyond blood tests?

A comprehensive blood test will be completed before your first consultation. A variety of other specialized tests are available after this consultation, depending on your location - hormones, digestive testing, food intolerance, DUTCH, heavy metals, etc.


What is the cost and what is included in this cost?

The details of costs are given after approving your application. Costs for the health assessment + blood work analysis + consultation + Health Plan start at $425, plus the cost of blood work (approx $400).

What are the expected costs of supplements?

Supplement costs vary greatly based on your individual health needs. Typically the initial cost is in the range of $50-100. 

Can I use my health insurance?

No. We do not bill directly to any health insurance providers. You are welcomed to submit a detailed bill to your insurance company direction; however, please know that this is not a guarantee of payment and you will not be given any diagnosis or visit codes associated to our consultation. With that said, some clients have gotten reimbursement if they have a supplemental plan that covers out-of-pocket health-related expenses. 

If you plan to use insurance for your blood test you will need to request the testing from your local physician. Many of our clients are able to get insurance to cover their blood testing. 


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It's important to find and treat the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms. Let’s work together to reverse your chronic disease risk, reduce your reliance on prescription drugs, and optimize your health. Your custom health plan will include low-risk high-value recommendations in the areas of diet, lifestyle, fitness, and supplements so that you can start to live your healthiest life.

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