Have you ever asked yourself 

Am I missing any early warning signs of poor health?

What is the best way to monitor my health to see if the diet and lifestyle changes I make are worth the effort?

What can I do to bring my overall health, fitness level, and mental performance to the next level?

How can I tell if my body is aging too quickly?

What can I do to improve my quality of life?

Is there a better way to get the answers to all of my health questions so that I can stop wasting time and money on all of the guesswork?


Around 16 years old I started to develop some very serious health problems that changed everything.     

My migraines and digestive problems had been worsening for months. Allergies, severe abdominal bloating, pain, brain fog, fatigue, and the list goes on...

I relied on daily medications to manage my symptoms and then more medications to manage the side effects of those medications. This balancing act went on for years and my health continued to spiral until the eventual diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

After starting medical school, I realized that in order to help my patients to heal I needed to focus on my own health first. 

Unfortunately, popular nutrition is often wrong and years behind the research. And shockingly, my doctors never asked me about my diet even though my food choices were, in part, an underlying cause of my many health problems. 

I experimented endlessly (and still do!) and saw miracles in my own health and countless other colleagues and patients. What began as the focus to heal disease, became a journey for restoring optimal health and function and I finally got my life back.

Great health truly is so much more than just the absence of disease.

I spent years ignoring my health, suffering needlessly, and relying on drugs and surgery that only provided a temporary band-aid. 

Fortunately, I learned a very important lesson – you can heal yourself, it’s never too late.

When you pay attention to your health, monitor it regularly, and experiment you really can prevent and even heal disease.

Let me show you how –


For the last ten years I have helped people just like you to improve their health using a
specialized assessment of basic blood work. Use this information to make better decisions about your
diet, fitness, and supplements.

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Training & Credentials

Medical training completed at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon


Based in Lisbon, Portugal and Washington, DC USA

Professional Memberships

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

The Institute for Functional Medicine

American Functional Medicine Association


Start to improve your


It's important to find and treat the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms. Let’s work together to reverse your chronic disease risk, reduce your reliance on prescription drugs, and optimize your health. Your custom health plan will include low-risk high-value recommendations in the areas of diet, lifestyle, fitness, and supplements so that you can start to live your healthiest life.

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