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The Mini Health Review includes a specialized assessment of your blood test and a Health Plan highlighting your biggest health priorities, without the cost of a consultation.

Cost $249

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FInd hidden health ISSUES leading to poor mental & physical performance

What is the Blood Smart report? 

The Blood Smart tool is a machine learning algorithm used to analyze your blood data. It predicts the likelihood of hidden health issues in your body so that you can make more informed health decisions.

The Blood Smart report includes:

Your Wellness Score out of 100

Your Predicted Age and Biological Age

As well health predictions in the areas of: 

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Toxic exposures

Hormone imbalances

Immune system dysfunction and autoimmune disease

Chronic disease risk

*Click here to see the blood tests needed to complete the Blood Smart report.

How to purchase your Mini Health Review

Mini Health Review

without the cost of a blood test


Mini Health Review

with an updated blood test


*Available in the US only. Find the lab location nearest you.
Not available in NY, NJ and RI.

Which tests are needed?

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Do you need an updated blood test?

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